Tell the Bartender Episode 51: High/Low and Stitch

January 24, 2015

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In this Episode:

Andrea recalls a series of events that lead to a major life change, and Forest talks about performing what should have been a simple procedure during his time as an Army medic in Iraq.

PLUS listener shout outs and news about the next Tell The Bartender LIVE! Also, a new episode of the advice show The Bartender co-hosts, The Struggle Bus, is up. Like the show? Tip The Bartender! Or give it 5 stars!

Andrea Allan is an awesome comedian, person, and you should follow her on Twitter. Here she is being a badass:


Forest Ray is a biochemist, an avid outdoorsman, and home brews his own beer. Here he is doing something amazing somewhere cold:


Music Credits:

“Setting Sun” by Chris Powers

“Debaser” by Pixies

“Just Like Heaven” by The Watson Twins

“What Do I Get” by Buzzcocks

“The Stars of Track and Field” by Belle and Sebastian 

“Bottled in Cork” by Ted Leo & The Pharmacists

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