Where’s Brooklyn’s Best Car Wash?

November 4, 2011

If you live in Brownstone Brooklyn, you have to be nuts to own a car.  But for our pals in Bensonhurst or Gerritsen Beach for example, you gotta have wheels.  But no matter where you live in the BK, having a nice clean car is one of the few affordable luxuries you can have these days.  So, where is Brooklyn’s best car wash? More importantly, is it the one owned by a former NBA star?

Over at Yelp, where everyone is an “expert” they’ve identified these as Brooklyn’s top 5:

Golden Touch Car Wash – Park Slope
296 4th Avenue
Reviews here seem legit and many claim of a magical $30 detailing package.

Auto Bath Hand Car Wash – Bath Beach
164 Bay 19 St
Comes in second, despite only 3 reviews with one from a dude who totally disses Golden Touch. Ah! Social media, you are so “reliable”.

Williamsburg Hand Wash and Detail Center – Williamsburg
646 Lorimer St
Lots of raves, but we’re always a little suspect of reviews that overtly shout out the owner or staff.

Manhattan Bridge Car Wash – Downtown Brooklyn
275 Flatbush Ave Ext
Red flag for two negative reviews that are so poorly written they have to be real… right?

Oakley’s Carwash – Brighton Beach
25 Neptune Ave
Former NY Knick Charles Oakley owns the place and sometimes he can be seen buffing cars.

Where do you get your car washed? Like it? Love it? Comment below!

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