Weekend Geological Walk from Proteus Gowanus

April 13, 2012

An Urban Geological Study of the Gowanus

Sunday,  April 15, 4:30-6:30 pm

All ages are welcome
We will meet at Proteus Gowanus before going out to explore.
Perfect weather anticipated.
Please be prompt!
Geology is the the study of materials contained within the Earth and the processes by which they evolve. The Urban Geological Study will lead participants on a hands-on exploration in the Proteus Gowanus neighborhood to gather materials, identify, classify, and tell a new story of objects found in the local urban environment. How did these objects arrive here? What are their uses? Where will they end up?
During the workshop we will create new systems of nomenclature based on historical fact or future fiction to form new connections with our surrounding environment through migratory geological narratives. An informational handout, worksheet, and survey materials will be provided.

Proteus Gowanus is located at 543 Union Street at Nevins.

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