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Witnesses Peddling Three Undeveloped Parcels In DUMBO

June 5, 2012

It appears that Johovah’s Witnesses don’t just own established properties within the boundaries of Brooklyn Heights. Crain’s and The Real Deal report that the religious group has commissioned Cushman & Wakefield to sniff out a buyer for three adjacent undeveloped lots in nearby DUMBO.

The parcels, at 173 and 177 Front Street—both vacant—and 200 Water Street—currently with a warehouse present—comprise 30,463 square feet that can be built up to 150,000 square feet for residential, commercial or hotel developments. All are between Jay and Bridge streets.

This is the first empty land the Witnesses have brought to the market, including the recently sold Bossert Hotel, 183 Columbia Heights and 161 Columbia Heights.

(Photo: The Real Deal)

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Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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