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Brooklyn Heights’ Most Modest Park: Grace Court’s Greenstreets

June 28, 2012

Residents of Brooklyn Heights have likely ventured down Grace Court and seen the curiosity that must be the smallest named “park” in the neighborhood. At the end of the street, where it dead ends before the BQE below, is a tiny little green space tagged Greenstreets.

It’s not a particularly pretty destination, considering that it’s marked with a bright yellow “End” sign and striped black and white metal markers to insure that motorists don’t roar down the street to what would likely be death’s door.

Its 12×8-foot (approx) interior comprises scrubby green bushes and a cobble-stoned walkway that leads to nowhere… A chicken-wire fence that surrounds the back end of the space forces spectators to walk around the “park” to the sidewalk facing the BQE. Its origin: This little patch of heaven is courtesy of the NYC Parks Department’s Greenstreets initiative.

(Photos: Chuck Taylor)

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Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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