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Dainty Domiciles: Wave Of The Future?

July 24, 2012

After a lot of media attention over the Brooklyn Heights couple that swears their 240-square-foot, $1,500/month apartment is sweet & cozy—along with NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s bizarre notion to inundate the city with “micro-apartments” averaging 275-300sf—Curbed decided to have a jolly good time by searching out the 10 smallest units for sale in Brooklyn.

Among the contenders it found on Streeteasy is a Cobble Hill apartment at 439 Hicks Street, unit 1A. The 410sf home is asking $264,000. Curbed offers: “Historic rental complex Cobble Hill Towers has been undergoing a sometimes controversial conversion, and there are some units on the market for outsiders, like this studio. One of the building’s quirks, explained in the brokerbabble: ‘The stairwells are at the exterior (a fire prevention method at the time of construction), and lead to two terraces on each floor from which the apartments are accessed.”

Apartment 1E at 443 Hicks Street is also available, “and a whole two square feet larger.”

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Source: Cobble Hill Blog

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