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Aggravating Assault: Graffiti Appears To Be Escalating In Brooklyn Heights

July 31, 2012

When well-traveled NYC graffiti “artist” Lewy BTM tagged the Brooklyn Bridge with his trademark squiggle design late last month, it was noted that the last time the national landmark was so adorned was during the Clinton era, in 1998. The same spot 199 feet above the East River was marred to great infamy in 1988 by brothers “Sane & Smith,” who scribbled 5-foot letters on the Manhattan tower of the iconic Bridge.

Meanwhile, in Brooklyn Heights, it appears graffiti vandalism is on the rise. BHB has reported on previous incidents, including April’s “NYPD Don’t Trust” spray painted on a Remsen Street sidewalk and along a Henry Street wall. Recent walks around the nabe are revealing more and more random sightings of defaced mailboxes, walls, light posts and commercial buildings. Are you seeing more graffiti in your area, as well? (See photos below the jump.)

For commercial properties, graffiti removal is the responsibility of the landlord; and for residential buildings, the owner or coop board—although says that New York’s Anti-Graffiti Task Force will remove the mess free of charge. In any case, there’s no good reason for the Heights to resemble the New York City of the 1970s again. Hopefully, we can keep it clean with tenacious calls to 311.

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Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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