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Reader Report: Smackdown on Court Street in Brooklyn Heights

August 29, 2012

This dispatch just in from a BHB reader:

Morning – have you received any video or photos of the fracas in front of Duane Reade at Court/Joralemon last night? It was around 6:30, right as I was walking off the train, and there was a fair crowd gathered. 4 women beating the sh*t out of some guy behind a parked car right in front of the store. Called the cops, they had two patrol cars there by the time I got off the phone with the dispatcher. Was curious if there were any details/followups/injuries. There was a pretty good crowd (at least 30-40) and I definitely saw people holding their phones up and videoing.

Anyone see “citizen reports” on “the social media” today? Post below!

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Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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