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Open Thread Wednesday: September 5, 2012

September 5, 2012

Mercy… On this date in 1902, James D. Crichton, assistant librarian at Montague Street’s Brooklyn Library, was suddenly stricken blind on the job. “The trouble came very suddenly and strange to say, was accompanied by no pain. The afflicted man could not tell what ailed him,” reported the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. A doctor diagnosed that oxygen failed to “nourish” his optic nerves, creating atrophy. Crichton told the Eagle, “It is the most depressing, weakening feeling a man could have.” Thankfully, there’s a happy ending: By next morn, he was able to distinguish objects, hearkening a full recovery.

So, as we start the (eye)ball rolling on September, what see you on this Open Thread Wednesday? (Photo: C&C99/BHB Photo Club)

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