Custom House: Brooklyn Heights At Last Has A Hang

September 6, 2012

It appears that Brooklyn Heights at last has a reliable neighborhood hang. While Jack the Horse Tavern draws a consistent crowd and Eammon’s of Brooklyn had its day, arguably there hasn’t been a true pub to stop by (and/or stay) for a beer or a splash of booze in the nabe for a decade-plus.

A walk by Custom House at 139 Montague Street on Wednesday around 10 p.m. revealed a bustling crowd of all-age ‘hoodies, from the 20s on up past AARP members. Be sure to say hello to Brother Jimmy, pictured at the entrance. Score one for Brooklyn Heights.

The joint offers 80 seats, 16 tap beers, a 40-foot marble-topped bar, a trio of flat screens showing live sports; and grub to wash it all down like burgers, wings and Shepherd’s pie.

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