2012: The Year #Santacon Jumped the Reindeer

December 16, 2012

Back in 2009, when we had a pretty good time at Santacon. It was a silly and fun way to spend a few hours with friends celebrating the holiday season. Now it seems that most sane folks are not finding any humor in the massive street gang that then event has become. Or at least that’s what the Twitter is telling us.

The Mayans had it half right – the world may not end this year but Santacon just might.

2012: The Year Santacon Jumped the Reindeer

In 2009, we might have had a little fun at Santacon. But that was then, this is now and most sane people think it’s gone from cute to obnoxious. How about you?

Storified by Brooklyn Bugle · Sat, Dec 15 2012 18:47:26

"Mommy, why is Santa throwing up on the corner? #ruiningchildhood #SantaConNycKelsey Mathes
…or all #SantaCon participants in total, regardless of intoxication level. #williamsbu @ The Brooklyn Star Tower
I really don’t understand #santaconnycJAY
Hey #SantaconNYC Benson
#santaconnyc I had drunken jolly good time and for that I thank youJoseph Ruggiero
You puke you clean #santaconnyc @ Double Down Saloon Gouzie
Sitting next to a bunch of drunk santas on the train. Shit what did we do wrong today @mciresi34 #santaconnyc #MaybeNextYearJordan Dufner
#santaconnyc K
I feel 4 parents that have 2 explain Y Santa is passed out on the curb fighting w/elves or getting thrown out of a bar/arrested #SantaConNYCAngela Jones
Dear #SantaCon, stay out of Brooklyn. We don’t want you.Anthony Smith
Once the douchbags take over your movement, it is time to abandon it. #SantaconNYCSam Travis Ewen
People questioning "What’s up with all the santa costumes?" It’s called Santa Fucking Con. #GetFamiliar #Santacon #SantaconNYCArmani Thao
What’s the deal #santaconnyc TOO freaky! #bahumbugDan Kluger
I saw two Santas hooking up like their sleigh was on fire. That’s gonna ruin some childhoods.#santacon #SantaConNycDan Berkman
Have the #Santacon fucks started to make their way to Brooklyn yet? I need to venture out for food and alcohol.. @evgrieve #eastvillagebacondevil
Hey Santa, we all really know what’s in that soda bottle. You’re not fooling anyone… #santacon #santaconnycMelanie Peterson
Mother to 3 yo son: "Today you will see a lot of santas on the street." #santaconnyc: destroying childhood beliefs one jaeger bomb at a timeAmy Beth Lipner
UPDATE: The Santa-tards are moving East across the river into Brooklyn. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT engage with their high-fives. #santacongavinbreyer
Just when us New Yorkers thought the city suffered enough from Hurricane Sandy, now Santa-Con descends upon us. Ugh #SantaConNycLaurel Flynn
A very deadmau5 santacon #santaconnyc Shwidock
Santacon has breached the walls of manhattan and is now invading brooklyn. God help us all. #theworstSarah Puls
There’s a fine line between seeing comedic santas & creepy santas. That line has officially been crossed. #SantaconNYC #SantaCon2012whitney fishman
Turning Christmas into some weird Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day hybrid just isn’t my thing. #SantaConNycLauren Piro
Unfortunately a lot of Santa Clauses came to town. #SantaConNYCMariam Farooq
Who let SantaCon into Brooklyn?!Nicole Lisa
santacon 2013, better remembered as the day an elf got onto the brooklyn-bound L at 1st ave and asked me if it was the train to 34th streetNick Murray
Still going… #santacon #nyc #brooklyn @ Brooklyn Public Library – Greenpoint Branch Ellis
Wishing #santacon was banned from Brooklyn. #stayinmanhattan #thanksLaura Shackleford
Oh yeah… That’s New York City! #nyc #santacon #santaconnyc Cunningham
@BroJimmys needed back up too many Clauses = fire hazard, NYPD was on the scene turning peeps away. #SantaConNYCGeorgetown Jack
Hopefully all the Santacon assholes will be passed out in the street or on the train by the time we get to Brooklyn. Go home, amateurs.Joslyn Hansen
Obnoxious straw #santaconnyc @RHmoney615 @jmoneyruss
So many Santas. Have no idea how to react. #Santacon2012 #SantaconNYCJustin Cruz
There is nothing I hate more than drunk Santas running around NYC, it’s just creepy. And NO it’s not just like SPD! #santaconnyc #haterAndrea Vogdes
Happy to be avoiding this whole Santacon situation #brooklyn cc: @kevindoesntweetStefanie Skinner
While hiding out in Brooklyn avoiding Santacon saw group dressed as characters from The Hobbit. They were not vomiting or urinating though.The Incredible Hoke
Perhaps the best part of having moved to Brooklyn is the effortless avoidance of the SantaCon morons.Joe Ippolito
Never been happier to go home to Brooklyn and get away from the terror that is SantaCon. #gobacktocollegeBrittany Waterson
Santacon in Brooklyn! @ Williamsburg Cassis
hey #santacon when you get to brooklyn have some egg nog for usThe Brooklyn Bugle
Off to Brooklyn to my brothers, then the city for Santacon. Perfect day to get drunk dressed as SantaSean Silverman

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