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Nets Fire Coach Johnson, Fans Tweet Their Disapproval

December 28, 2012

The Brooklyn Nets made their first big move since setting up shop in the borough this season by firing coach Avery Johnson. Most fans didn’t like the team’s decision. Many blamed star player Deron Williams for Johnson’s dismissal but despite his reputation for getting coaches whacked, he claims he had no influence on the decision. At one point today, even the coach’s son piled on with his criticism of the Nets’ front office.

An odd twist to the story – Johnson was named the NBA’s Eastern Conference Coach of the Month for October and November this year.

#Nets Say Buh Bye to Avery Johnson

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Goodbye Brooklyn #nba #avery #johnson #brooklyn #nets #yourfired
Wait, didn’t Avery Johnson just get coach of the month?Ty Conley
Made ESPN. Swag? Johnson Jr.
Avery Johnson’s Son Goes on Twitter Rant After Brooklyn #Nets Fire Head Coach (via Sports FM
How is Avery Johnson fired because the nets are 14-14 but the bobcats, cavs and wizards coaches still have jobs?R.Nizzle
Just seen the Nets fired Avery Johnson #SMH he deserved at least until the All Star break to turn things around….Drew Shears
Avery Johnson got fired because The nets heard Jackson would possibly coach them. Not because he lost 10 of 13Derrick Starks
@ADann85 The opening of this article is funny. Dannehy
Avery Johnson and the expectations game in Brooklyn #NBA #NetsGiancarlo Rulli
Y’all know Avery Johnson is a preacher too right? Like for real he preached at World Changers a couple years agoErik Vance
Utah Jazz Twitter Account Takes Shot at Deron Williams Following the Firing Of Avery Johnson: Burn! Brother#3
I didnt agree wit the iso offense avery johnson had the nets playin in but damn i didnt think hed get fired so quicklyRemy LeBeau
So happy Avery Johnson got fired; he never won anything Dallas and failed to win anything with NJ/Brooklyn. #GetPhil!Alexander Kukich
Brooklyn Nets GM and Johnson Claim Deron Williams Not Reason for Coach Firing
Well first off I just found out but second off the Nets are idiots!! Avery Johnson is a very good coach and was prematurely let go! #idiotsAustin Linton
Avery Johnson should not have been fired. It’s Williams’ fault the Nets were struggling #nbaAnil Ramchand
They did Avery Johnson Wrong BtwTruth or Truth
Hmmm. Coach killer Deron Williams. "@dallasnews: Brooklyn #Nets fire former #Mavs coach Avery Johnson"Dustin Carbonera
@PrayOrDie Deron Williams spoke out against Avery Johnson and his offense and that’s all it took. $100 million = real coachBoog F. Merrill
Avery Johnson is out in Brooklyn, but Deron Williams’ own demise is sinking the Nets (Yahoo! Sports)
Avery Johnson never saw it comingAustin Bruno Lugo
Deron Williams : Avery Johnson :: Matt Lauer : Ann CurryPeter Dedman
Can’t believe Avery Johnson got firedAllen
Man the Nets fired Avery johnson #baddecisionJacob Neel
Can anybody tell me why Avery Johnson was fired? #Nets #BrooklynNetsJustin Cain

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