Tale of the Tweets: Democratic Mayoral Forum At St. Francis College

April 3, 2013

The Brooklyn Reform Coalition hosted a Mayoral Forum at St. Francis College Wednesday night featuring most Democratic candidates.

Here are some selected tweets from event attendees:

Reform 2013 at St. Francis College

Candidates for NYC Mayor meet in Brooklyn Heights

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Line is still around the block in downtown Brooklyn. The NYC Mayoral Forum is about to begin! #Reform2013Nikole
Big Brooklyn #Reform2013 crowd at #nyc2013 mayoral forum.’s Legacy
Almost all the candidates at the forum #reform2013
First question is about financial bribery in all chambers of govt. @JohnLiu2013 starts off. #reform2013 of Dissidence
People protesting against Mayoral candidate @ChrisCQuinn outside the #Brooklyn #Reform2013 mayoral forum. Politics
The gloves are coming off between sal+Christine+bill #reform2013
Standing room only NYC Mayoral candidates forum 180 Remsen youner
.@Quinn4NY pushes for grants, not loans, for small businesses hurt by Sandy, gets loud round of applause #reform2013David W. Chen
Was the Barclay Center worth all the public subsidy that was surrendered? The answer is no. @JohnCLiu #Reform2013New Kings Democrats
.@JohnLiu2013 fires up #reform2013 crowd by criticizing "so-called" Atlantic Yards project and empty promises of housing and jobsDavid W. Chen
.@JohnLiu2013 fires up #reform2013 crowd by criticizing "so-called" Atlantic Yards project and empty promises of housing and jobsDavid W. Chen
Hello Brooklyn Reform Coalition! #reform2013 Kings Democrats
When I am mayor, I’ll lead the charge to get the federal government back into the mass transit business. #Reform2013Bill de Blasio
Everyone’s still here! #reform2013 Kings Democrats
#LICH nurses at Mayoral Forum. Sent questions about what candidates will do to #savelich #open4care #reform2013 green
Called for moratorium of school closures, co-locations. No more shell games with schoolkids and teachers. #Reform2013John C. Liu
. @BillThompsonNYC gets fired up over term limits, saying it was about "self interest" #reform2013David W. Chen
Argument that financial crisis necessitated or compelled a third term and justified subverting will of the people? Outrageous. #Reform2013John C. Liu
@PBProject #Reform2013 PB question should have been applied to City wide budget. All candidates support on some levelFred Wolf
Mayoral forum held in #Brooklyn with @ChrisCQuinn @deBlasioNYC @JohnCLiu @BillThompsonNYC #reform2013 Pavia
#reform2013 Kings Democrats
lots of people want to talk with candidates after forum #reform2013
#reform2013 who won? @JohnLiu2013 by a big margin. Thompson 2nd, @SalAlbanese2013 & @deBlasioNYC equally intelligent. @Quinn4NY on defensiveJacob Kornbluh
@YouEnjoyFred we agree, but glad to see the support for #ParticipatoryBudgeting and #PBNYC at #Reform2013!PBP
A living wage is good, but in tandem with affordable healthcare, MTA fares, schools, CUNY, housing. Cost of Living keeps rising. #reform2013Occu{Co}py
A reform Mayor is no substitute for popular power. #reform2013Occu{Co}py
A reform Mayor is no substitute for popular power. #reform2013Occu{Co}py
So glad you asked this Matt! MT @GreenHappenings: Happy all mayoral candidates agree partic budgeting is smart and works! #reform2013 #pbnycBrad Lander
Thompson, Blasio and Liu r FUMING against Quinn 4 AGAIN saying she won’t respect referendums. Loud applause! #reform2013yonifrier
MT @occucopy: Protecting small biz from a Wall St Mayor is important, but if they provide good jobs. #Coops offer an answer. #reform2013Steve Wong
NYC Mayoral Forum in Brooklyn #teamdeblasio F. Reischel

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Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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