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Tell the Bartender Episode 11: At Your Service

June 19, 2013

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In this Episode:

The Bitchy Waiter: The elusive Bitchy Waiter joins us to talk about one of the worst jobs he ever had, and it involves Linda Evans, Holly Hobby and a Porcelain Doll. You’ll see.

The Summer Of Dunkin:  Oleh Zaychenko shares a very special coming of age story that took place one Summer working at Dunkin Donuts.

Tell the Bartender is coming LIVE to a bar near you! Join us July 8th at 8:00pm at Union Hall in Brooklyn for a night of stories, drinks and games. With special guests LIZZ WINSTEAD (The Daily Show) and MICHAEL SNOW (Survivor) and an appearance by our own Matty Blake to play “Craigslist Ad or Casting Notice!” Tickets are $10 and available here.

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The Bitchy Waiter waits tables and writes about it, hysterically. He is also an actor and singer, but in order to keep his identity anonymous, I can’t link to his accomplishments. You should follow him on Twitter and Facebook. Here he is on Dr. Phil.

Oleh Zaychenko is a musician whose latest project, Bring Prudence, is amazing. You can follow on Twitter here. He is also a heck of a guy, a sweetheart, and a gentleman. Here he is jamming with American Idol’s Sanjaya.


Music Credits:

“Setting Sun” by Chris Powers

“Lloyd I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken” by Camera Obscura

“You Never Even Called Me By My Name” by David Allan Coe, Doug Supernaw, Waylon Jennings, Charlie Pride and Merle Haggard

“Ain’t That A Kick In The Head” by Dean Martin

“Bottled in Cork” by Ted Leo & The Pharmacists

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