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5 Reasons It’s Time For “It’s Showtime” To End On The NYC Subway

July 29, 2013

Everyone has their own special flower inside them. The creativity of dance is a wonderful way for one to express emotion and to share the joy of music with others. However, the long standing tradition of ‘IT’S SHOWTIME” on the NYC subway system has to end. While the efforts of the roving bands of break dancers (as we believe is still the vernacular) are quite impressive, most commuters would prefer a quite ride home without someone’s Adidas flying into his or her face.

Here’s our 5 Reasons “It’s Showtime” Must End:

1) Real New Yorkers Hate It

2) The New York Times Does A Piece About The Dancers Resulting in Over 200 Negative Comments

“Josh F” comments: they definitely have some impressive moves. they are also extremely annoying, and more importantly—dangerous.

in addition, they’re not all just a bunch of basically good kids. just a few days before this article was published, some subway dancers attacked a rider on the F train coming into manhattan.

he was taken to the hospital, while they just jumped off the train and vanished. thanks for all your hard work, cops…

3) They’re Now Taking Time Out From Dancing To F**k People Up

In May a group of “It’s Showtimers” got into spat with a passenger and beat him.

4) It’s Now Part Of The Hipster Irony Lexicon

5) Hating Hearing “It’s Showtime” Made Buzzfeed’s List Of Signs You’ve Lived In NYC Too Long

…and anything that breathes life into that Media Deathstar must stop.

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