Trip Advisor Is Trippin’ As It Names San Diego Pizza Tops In the Nation

August 9, 2013

The folks at travel site Trip Advisor probably thought it was a super awesome idea to poll its users on where the best pizza in the country can be found. Welp, it seems like the folks who participated are on a different sort of “trip” as they’ve picked San Diego as the number one spot for ‘za in the USA. That’s right, out ranking NYC (Brooklyn!!) and even Chicago. Las Vegas (jeebus!) placed second. The folks at Slate weigh in here.

The totally wack full list may be found here.

In the meantime our pals at CBS New York are asking folks where they think the best pizza is in NYC — Brooklyn is currently in the lead. Of course we have NAKED PIZZA WAITRESSES.

Which naturally brings us back to ask… where is your favorite place for pizza in Brooklyn?

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