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International Style: Can Brooklyn’s Global Stature Help The Nets Score Great Players?

September 2, 2013

SN Nation’s Nets blog ponders the notion, brought up on Twitter by CBS Sports writer Matt Moore (@HPbasketball) that the Brooklyn team lands a top free agent this year they could not only be unstoppable but eventually become more popular than the Knicks…well at least internationally:

Nets Blog: Kevin Garnett and Brett Yormark will both be in China later this week, KG on a sneaker promotion, Yormark looking for business opportunities. Meanwhile, Brook Lopez is somewhere between Singapore and Tokyo, the 11th and 12th stops of his international summer, this time helping out in the NBA 3×3. The Brooklynettes are on their way back to Brooklyn after joining Lopez in Singapore. Oh yeah, the Nets sponsored a trip to New York for the Russian U20 team two weeks ago, opening Barclays and the PNY Center to them. Andrei Kirilenko and Lopez met with them.

Meanwhile Moore’s old stomping ground Hardwood Paroxysm pronosticates about the coming season for the Nets:

What the Nets’ season will ultimately come down to, in all likelihood, is whether or not they can stay healthy and who they get matched up against in the playoffs. KG, Pierce, Terry and Kirilenko are getting up there in age, so it’ll be important to manage their minute loads to keep them fresh for the stretch run. Brooklyn mortgaged a lot of its future to bring the Boston guys to town, but like the Nets themselves, we’ll worry about that at a later date. For now, this is a team that has likely vaulted itself into serious contenderdom, and that’s a hell of a way to spend your summer.

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