A Night Out At The New Long Island Restaurant

October 24, 2013

The long-shuttered Long Island Restaurant has begun a soft opening, and is serving drinks from Wednesday to Sunday. Much of the historic infrastructure has been retained, including the Art Deco bar fixtures (and the cigarette burned bar), the formica tables at the booths and a section of the original decades-old wallpaper.

Despite its history as a longshoreman’s watering hole, the Long Island’s offerings are distinctly upscale, including a range of precision-made cocktails, a $13 red wine and a $10 white(plans are in place to expand the wine offerings), and nothing as lowly as a PBR on the beer list.

Currently the kitchen is closed while the staff works the kinks out of the the bar operation, but the plan is eventually to offer “bar snacks” to complement the drink offerings.


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Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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