Will Living In Gracie Mansion Make de Blasio Look Like A Schmuck?

November 16, 2013

NYC mayor-elect Bill de Blasio is still pondering whether or not he and his family should move into Gracie Mansion, the official residence of the city’s chief exec since 1942.

It was Robert Moses’ idea. Yeah, that guy.

Mayor Bloomberg didn’t live in Gracie Mansion mostly because he’s Jed Clampett rich and the size and location of his five story Upper East Side townhouse is far more happening than that little house in Yorkville overlooking Hell Gate.

Previous mayors since LaGuardia have taken advantage of the mansion with Rudy Giuliani being the last one to occupy the space. However he did leave some pretty bad karma there before moving out while still in office (pre-9/11).

So what should de Blasio do? He’s THINKING OK?

“Well, I’m still reticent because the family hasn’t spoken,” he said recently. Dude, what are you some sorta commie? You’re going to be the mayor. Stand up!

Thing is, he shouldn’t have to think. Brooklyn is currently the center of the universe. That’s one reason.

Another, he ran a campaign on middle class values, ending stop and frisk and other neighborhood friendly issues. Moving into Gracie Mansion will not be like the Jeffersons moving on up to the East Side with everyone from the ‘hood rooting for them.

If the de Blasios move into Gracie Mansion, they become “them”.

Bill, don’t be a schmuck, stay in Park Slope with the people.

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