White Flags on the Brooklyn Bridge: Make No Mistake, This Was a Terrorist Act

July 22, 2014

A synchronized attack took place last night on the Brooklyn Bridge. While we don’t know what the motivation was behind the act of stealing the flags atop the span’s towers and replacing them with a bleached American flag and a makeshift white one, it was without doubt an act of terror. This was a planned action carried out by more than one individual with improvised tools (they used tin pans to cover the tower’s lights) designed to draw attention. So despite what the NYPD is saying this was a terrorist action.

COUNTERPOINT: Brooklyn Bridge Flag Swap: Pranksters Are Not Gangsters Let Alone Terrorists

NYPD photo shows how the perps covered up the tower lights with an aluminum pan

Marketing stunt? Artistic statement? Still an act of terror. At the very least this stupid and selfish act shines a light on our vulnerabilities and will only encourage those who wish us and our city actual harm.

Step it up NYPD, the city is depending on you.

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  • Jazz

    This is spot on. Who knows that sort of next move these creeps have in mind? Don’t care it they turn out to be harmless, a few weeks in Gitmo should get them straight.

  • brian_in_brooklyn

    Doesn’t an act of terrorism require …oh, I don’t know, maybe some terror?

    Posting bleached American flags may be trespass and may require prosecution, but living amongst neighbors who want to place trespassers in the tropical gulag we call Gitmo? Now that’s scary.

  • Jazz

    How is that unreasonable? And I’m only saying for a few weeks.

  • Anthony Bagaro

    This is satire, right? It isn’t, is it? If you truly believe this qualifies as terrorism then you must be a person of superior intelligence, in which case, I have a bridge to sell ya.

    • Jazz

      Whether you’re a Repug or a Libtard you are really missing something here. There’s a thin line between a hipster and a terrorist.

      • RudeGuliani

        The difference between a hipster and a terrorist is in the facial hair grooming and, especially, manscaping. NYPD can do DNA sampling on hair residue on flags and figure it out toot sweet…

      • Anthony Bagaro

        Native hyperbole noted and to an extent seconded, but no.

  • kransky

    lmao. such terror struck to the heart of the american people. they will bow down before their white flagged leaders or suffer insufferable anguish..

  • Dono

    Yeah, I think you might have a different definition of “terror” than the rest of us.

  • Jazz

    If it’s those Occupy Wall Street idiots or Anonymous they are terrorists.

    • Anthony Bagaro

      For the record, I believe they would fly a black flag, but thanks for trying (and in any case: no)

  • JP

    It will take many many executions to make America a better place to live in.

    • Anthony Bagaro

      Starting with anyone who would use the word terrorism to describe this act.

  • Neil

    If its a stunt, it’s a stupid stunt. If you deny that we live in a world of terror you sir, are an a-hole. The white flag in the west means “Surrender or Truce” Bono waves it, liberals seem okay with giving up. In Islam, the white flag is divinely handed to the amir (leader) of the army by the “prophet” Mohammed, who himself carried a white flag in the battle of Badr, a turning point in Islamofundamentalism. Meanwhile Jesus cured the sick. Back to the white flag of Islam, the flag is raised brazenly at the location of the amir. Yay Brooklyn!

  • forealz

    The violent flag switch which left Brooklyn cowering in fear. 7/22, never forget. We will rebuild.

  • Valiant

    This is a serious breech of security. A time-bomb could just as easily been placed there.

  • ellymay

    It’s a wake up call telling us that we are not doing enough. They could have really done a lot of harm. I don’t feel as safe as I did and don’t feel confident in the work the police and homeland .security are doing

    • Anthony Bagaro

      If someone didn’t pay you to write this I’m sad you really exist.

  • Tami

    I’d say the real “terrorism” here is from people who are quick to use that word to describe something that is obviously not terrorism. You’re just trying to sell something and you think it’s acceptable to use that word and try to scare people to accomplish that goal. Feckin’ moron.

    • Jazz

      What’s for sale? Your safety?

    • Anthony Bagaro

      Thank you.