Which Brooklyn Heights Watering Hole Is One Of The Best Dive Bars In Brooklyn?

February 23, 2014

Brooklyn Magazine published its list of the “Best Dive Bars in Brooklyn” this week and one of Brooklyn Heights’ oldest makes the list — Montero’s Bar and Grill (73 Atlantic Avenue).

Brooklyn Magazine: “We don’t have a lot of foot traffic,” the bartender here told us recently—at least not in this weather, when no one’s at the park or riding the ferry. Way down by the waterfront—one of the last remaining bars in an area that used to be full of them, to service all the longshoremen from the nearby shipyards—it’s a trek from any subway station, and that’s part of what it makes it appealing; also, there’s the cluttered decor’s nautical theme (the Times once called it a “waterfront museum with alcohol”), the no-nonsense booze (they don’t even have taps), and the classic, preserved interior, not to mention the famous and beloved neon sign out front. People make special trips just to get here, taking cabs or buses or long hikes, because it’s just that special.

Last year, Montero’s made headlines when one if its “historic” lifesavers went missing.

Do you agree that its one of Brooklyn’s best dives?

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Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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