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Cobble Hill Author Jessie Burton to Appear at Book Court on September 13

September 6, 2014

Cobble Hill author Jessie Burton will discuss her debut novel “The Miniaturist” at Book Court on September 13.

Brooklyn Eagle: “The Miniaturist,” based on real people, was inspired by the author’s visit to an Amsterdam museum, where she was drawn to a famous 17th-century replica of a wealthy merchant’s mansion that had originally belonged to a woman named Petronella Oortman. The novel focuses on the domestic world of women in a repressive, religious society. “Petronella became my heroine, Nella,” Burton explains, “and from her miniature house, my story was born.”

Source: Cobble Hill Blog

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Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway Shoot ‘The Intern’ in Cobble Hill

September 6, 2014

Anne Hathaway and Robert DeNiro were in Cobble Hill this week filming “The Intern“. The shoot happened around Cheever Place and Cobble Hill Park. The production will reportedly be back later this month.

DeNiro plays the title character who works for a tech company run by Hathaway. The film is scheduled for a September 2015 release.

During an earlier shoot this year in the neighborhood, DeNiro enjoyed an impromptu viewing of the World Cup at a local resident’s home.

The shoot was an opportunity for some residents to tweet pics of Hathaway and DeNiro on set.

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Not An April Fool Prank: Atlantic Avenue’s Last Exit Bar To Close This Month

April 1, 2014

The owners of Last Exit Bar posted this dispatch on their Facebook page last night, announcing the bar would close at the end of the month:

It with with a very heavy heart that we are announcing that after 16 years Last Exit will be closing it’s doors at the end of April.

We can blame landlords and gentrification etc etc etc but all anyone really needs to know is this:

Once upon a time many years ago, three young people had a dream. We had no money but we knew how to have fun. We put our strengths together and created an amazing place. We have seen long lasting friendships formed, families created, and some crazy ass shit (I’m looking at you Last Exit bathrooms!). And best of all, we have TRULY been blessed to have had such incredible people working for us over the years that are absolutely considered family.

It has been quite the ride.

Thank you so much to everyone for taking this journey with us. We are incredibly lucky to have had this chance and opportunity to own our own business in NYC and we will never forget it. Last Exit is such a special place and the memories will last forever. Thankfully most of these memories took place before cell phones cameras.

The Vortex is peacing out. Hopefully we can make April all that it is meant to be.

Julie, John & Joe

Source: Cobble Hill Blog

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A Kid Walks Into a Bar Or ‘Welcome to Brooklyn Culture, Noobs’

March 15, 2014

On Friday night, Mrs. Fink got into an interesting “conversation”, about babies in bars, with two rapscallions enjoying weekend kickoff tipple at the Custom House on Montage Street. She argued that the establishment is more pub/restaurant than a bar in the sense of Atlantic Avenue’s Last Exit or Manhattan’s late lamented Max Fish. Coincidentally, @cattsmall tweeted this overheard conversation today:

And who could forget the great Brooklyn babies in a bar controversy of 2010?

So, are babies in a bar OK? Comment away!

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It’s The Last Year For ‘Impaled Pumpkins’ At Kane And Strong In Cobble Hill

October 5, 2013

This just in from Jane Greengold – it’s the last year for Impaled Pumpkins at Kane and Strong. How can you be part of history? Read on:

For years, with the help of friends and family, I have impaled 100 pumpkins on the spikes of the iron fence on the corner of Kane and Strong in Cobble Hill for Halloween. Every pumpkin is unique. The impaled pumpkins are left for months, to age as nature commands, into gnarly remnants of themselves.

This will be my last version of Impalements at this location. Next year, it may appear at a new location.

Please join in for this final year, and help impale the most heads ever. Everyone can bring head. There are 274 spikes so there is room for a lot of participation.

To join in

choose the right size and kind of pumpkin – 4 ¾” – 5” inches in diameter, taller than it is

round, and soft enough to carve;


cut a 3/4” square hole in the middle of the bottom (for the spike);

carve a face;

remove the innards of the pumpkin through the facial features; and

Bring the carved pumpkin to the corner of Kane and Strong between 3 pm and 7 pm on October31, 2012. We will impale it!

Source: Cobble Hill Blog

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Man On Unicycle Walks Dog Down Atlantic Avenue In Boerum Hill

October 3, 2013

Twitter user @txl201 caught a man on a unicycle walking his dog down Atlantic Avenue in Boerum Hill this afternoon.
Sure we’ve seen dog walkers of all shapes and sizes — even one on a scooter. But a unicycle? Heck, the only cool person we know of who rides one is Adam Carolla. But that’s another story.

So, what do you think? Is it crazy or awesome? You decide.

Source: Cobble Hill Blog

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The Long Island Restaurant Sign Is Back, Re-Opening In October

August 28, 2013

Toby Cecchini’s reincarnation of the Long Island Restaurant on Atlantic Avenue came one step closer to reality today as the eatery’s iconic sign has returned. It had been removed back in June for cleaning.

Source: Cobble Hill Blog

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Chopped Winner Joe Bayley Is Cooking At Veksler’s in Cobble Hill

August 13, 2013

So who is cooking at Veksler’s at 521 Hicks Street restaurant, which until last month was owner Robert Veksler’s hydroponic gardening store Brooklyn Farms? Looks like it’s Joe Bayley, who was a winner on the second season of Chopped in 2009 when he was at Cobblestone Foods.

Somehow, the folks there already knew that we had a soft spot for anyone calling that 140 character micro-blogging platform “the Twitter” Chef Joe announced his new gig:

And from just that one photo the food looks super-fantastic. Have you stopped by yet?

Source: Cobble Hill Blog

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Cobble Hill Man’s Petition To Save Pacific Green Gourmet From Becoming a J. Crew Tops 1300 Signatures

June 29, 2013

Cobble Hill resident Carl Foner’s petition asking J. Crew to set up shop somewhere else and not displace the Pacific Green Gourmet market from 151 Court Street has topped 1300 signatures. Earlier this week Foner wrote to supporters when the list hit 1250:

We’ve reached 1250 signatures!

We’ve reached 1250 signatures so far. Thanks everyone for signing the petition, sharing information, and spreading the word. Thank you also to those who have offered ideas and suggestions. It’s great to see this community coming together to work towards something we care about.

We’ve gotten a lot of good press since the last update: Brooklyn Bugle, Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Grub Street, and more. (See our Facebook page for more details.) It’s great to see the story spread.

We’re continuing to press forward. We’ll be sure to keep you up to date with any more news. And feel free to pass along any news you encounter as well.

Thanks again!

Source: Cobble Hill Blog

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Cobble Hill Resident’s Petition To Save Pacific Green Gourmet Tops 700 Signatures

June 18, 2013

Cobble Hill resident Carl Foner’s petition asking J. Crew not to displace the Pacific Green Gourmet store at 151 Court Street has now reached over 700 signatures. He’s now launched a companion Facebook page to spread the work and to garner support.

Foner’s latest petition update reads:

The more people who sign the petition, the more influence we can have. So don’t forget to share the petition with your friends. Sharing personal stories (on Facebook, your blog, etc.) about what Pacific Green means to you is also a great way to spread the word.

Thanks for doing everything you can to get the word out.

Foner first informed the neighborhood about the petition in a Cobble Hill Blog comment on June 9, the night his quest began. The next day we received a passionate and compelling email from him detailing why he’s getting involved — “[When} I heard the news and my heart sank,” he wrote.

The Brooklyn Eagle picked up the story yesterday –

Brooklyn Eagle: As of Monday morning, more than 700 Pacific Green supporters had signed a petition at imploring J Crew to put their store elsewhere.

“When I heard the news that J.Crew was moving to the corner of Pacific and Court where my beloved grocer now lives I was heartbroken,” writes Alexis Anselmi. “This cannot happen and I will do everything I can to stop it! Pacific Green is a staple in this neighborhood.”

Elizabeth Fountain wrote that she moved to Cobble Hill ten years ago for the “mom and pop feel.”

Source: Cobble Hill Blog

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