Bike Rack Proposed At Pacific & Court In Cobble Hill To Curb Illegal Parking

June 29, 2012

The Cobble Hill Association has proposed adding a bike rack at the corner at the intersection of Pacific & Court streets in Cobble Hill, in an apparent effort to curb illegal parking in a “No Standing” zone at the intersection. The move was presented to the Department of Transportation in February, according to in an ongoing effort to remedy traffic snafus in the neighborhood.

DOT offered a proposal to Brooklyn’s Community Board 2 last week, which was approved unanimously by the board’s transportation committee. The plan will be voted on by the full board at the board’s executive committee meeting next week.

Despite restrictions, drivers often park at said intersection and block the view of other drivers trying to make a left-hand turn onto Court, according to CHA VP Dave ‘Paco’ Abraham. To solve the problem, DOT and the association proposed an on-street bike rack on the corner to prevent cars from having access to park there.

Similar racks have been installed at Smith & Sacket streets in the nabe, and in the East Village, at East Ninth Street between First & Second avenues. “The bike racks are low enough that a biker or a driver can look over them,” Abraham said. “As a driver, when I drive up Pacific Street, I stop at the crosswalk to let pedestrians pass and then inch out. When a car is blocking the view, I have to inch out further and further, blocking the crosswalk. As a pedestrian, I’m always frustrated when my crosswalk is not clear because a car is blocking it.”

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Source: Cobble Hill Blog

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