Cobble Hill’s Bien Cuit On Smith Street Garners Sweet Superlatives

July 9, 2012

With its ever-evolving selection of local eateries and novel boutiques, residents of Cobble Hill have come to know Smith Street as one of the most inviting corridors in South Brooklyn. It appears the word is out. In two separate surveys over the past week, pastry shop Bien Cuit at 120 Smith has been deemed one of New York’s best.

First, Eater offers a survey of New York’s 10 Best New Baked Treats. Bien Cuit reaps high praise for its Almond Croissants. The foodie webbie calls them “almond-y, flaky, buttery, golden-brown croissant perfection.”

Likewise, The Village Voice names Bien Cuit its No. 1 pick among the “10 Best Pastry Shops in New York,” saying: “Everything from this rustic Brooklyn bakery run by husband-and-wife duo Zachary Golper and Kate Wheatcroft is both pretty and delicious. We go weak in the knees for their beautiful Frenchy fruit tarts with buttery crusts, gorgeous, dark brown croissants with feathery centers, and pains au chocolat with crisp, singed edges of chocolate. While you’re there, pick up a loaf of bread that’s so good, you’ll want to buy it some fancy butter.”

Here’s more from the Eater post: “Zachary Golper, the man behind this Cobble Hill bakery, learned how to bake without yeast or electricity in Oregon. Since then, he’s worked in Philly, Austin, Seattle, Provence, and Vegas. Last summer he and his wife decided to put down roots in Brooklyn and give the neighborhood a serious bakery. And his almond croissants are helping him do just that. They’re double-baked, which gives them that authentic French bakery taste. Golper bakes them fresh before leaving them to stale for a few days. Then, he toasts them, fills them with an almond crème, and dips them in a simple syrup and some brandy. Some sliced almonds go on top as well as a dusting of powdered sugar.”

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Source: Cobble Hill Blog

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