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Ephemeral New York Deems St. George Liquor Sign ‘One Of Coolest’ Vintage

July 9, 2012

The always intriguing Ephemeral New York, which “chronicles an ever-changing city through faded and forgotten artifacts,” has deemed the neon sign outside the St. George Hotel one of “New York’s coolest vintage liquor store signs.” It joins age-old comrades in the West Village, 14th Street & Eighth Avenue and the Lower East Side.

Of course, there is no actual Hotel St. George Liquor Store today. The recently renovated Michael Towne Wine & Spirits at 73 Clark Street below the sign is anything but “shabby,” as Ephemeral describes the still-working red neon booze banner, adding, “You probably won’t find organic wines or imported microbrews in these old-school city liquor stores. Their shabby vintage signs tell us they’re traditional neighborhood shops where you can pick up decent booze at decent prices.”

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Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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