Attention Stockholm – Here Comes Brooklyn Brewery

January 7, 2013

Williamsburg’s Brooklyn Brewery will be expanding to Sweden by year’s end according to a recent blog post. The company plans a brewery in Stockholm as part of a partnership and exchange program between Brooklyn, D. Carnegie & Co. and Carlsberg Sweden.

Brooklyn Brewery: If you’re wondering “why Stockholm?”… it begins with the mutual appreciation of beer, food, music, art and all around good culture shared by Brooklyn and Sweden (even leading some to ponder if Sweden is the new Brooklyn). Brooklyn Brewery has a long history with Sweden highlighted by the fun fact that Sweden is our largest export market and second biggest market overall (right behind NYC) thanks to our importer and partner in Stockholm brewery, Carlsberg Sweden. We used to distribute the seductively delicious Carnegie Porter in New York back in the day, and in 2011 we collaborated with Carlsberg to produce a bourbon barrel-aged version of this classic beer to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the Carnegie Brewery. And let us not forget about the BROOKLYN, SWEDEN music festival we launched last year that sent over 15 Brooklyn bands to Stockholm and Malmö. You could say it was just meant to be.

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