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The Brooklyn Bugle Radio Hour #1: J. Courtney Sullivan

September 24, 2011

Author J. Courtney Sullivan joins Loscalzo (aka Homer Fink) on the inaugural edition of the Brooklyn Bugle Radio Hour.

Sullivan discusses both of her best sellers Commencement and Maine.

Lily King writes in the New York Times about Maine:

Sullivan’s observations of the generational changes in desire among women of the past century are particularly astute. Alice, who had wanted to be a painter in Paris, wound up living not far from the city she grew up in, the mother of three children. “Maggie,” she observes, “was the artist of the family. Sometimes Alice thought Maggie was what she herself might have become if only she had been born a generation or two later. Timing was everything when it came to being a woman — the moment you entered the world could seal your fate.”

At the end of the interview enjoy a tune from My Name is John Michael.

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