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NY1 Reporter Vivian Lee Attacked While Covering Story in Cobble Hill

July 27, 2012

NY1 veteran reporter Vivian Lee was attacked by a whacko woman in a white sheet in Cobble Hill Friday morning. explains that Lee was reporting on the death of Richard Schwartz, 61, who was killed after lightning struck a church steeple and sent debris tumbling to the street Thursday night.

A woman draped in a sheet climbed into an NY1 news van and began using Lee’s makeup and snacking on food, according to Lee and a witness. When the reporter told her to leave, the woman allegedly took a swing at Lee. “The van’s driver grabbed the woman and hauled her out of the van. As the three stood beside the van, the woman swung again, this time punching Lee in the neck. The driver wrestled the woman to the ground and held her until cops arrived and took her away,” DNAInfo says.

Lee was not seriously injured, and an ambulance was not called. (Photo: DNAInfo)

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Source: Cobble Hill Blog

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