Denis Hamill on LICH: SUNY “is going to kill people.”

In a Daily News piece, “Long Island College Hospital merged to death”, Denis Hamill retells an ambulance driver’s account, told to Hamill at Thursday evening’s community forum, about picking up a man in cardiac arrest on Hamilton Avenue, administering first aid, taking an EKG that was forwarded to LICH electronically, and getting the patient to LICH where the doctors were able to open an artery to save him, all in an elapsed time of seven minutes. Had the ambulance had to fight traffic to get to Methodist Hospital in Park Slope or Lutheran in Sunset Park, the driver said, “My opinion, add another 12-15 minutes, he wouldn’t have made it.”

In Hamill’s words: “Make no mistake: Close LICH, and people of Red Hook, Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn Heights will die.”


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Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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One Response to Denis Hamill on LICH: SUNY “is going to kill people.”

  1. MG February 20, 2013 at 10:38 pm #


    Judge slaps SUNY trustees with temporary restraining order

    New York judge, the Hon. Betsy Barros has issued a temporary restraining order to keep LICH open for care.

    On Wednesday, NYSNA, 1199, and the Concerned Physicians of LICH filed suit in the Supreme Court of the State of New York, Kings County, against the SUNY trustees’ illegal vote. Their vote violated our state’s open meeting law.

    This temporary restraining order stops the SUNY Board or anyone acting on their behalf from taking action to close LICH. The judge has scheduled a hearing to review our case on March 7.

    Here’s the text of the judge’s order:

    “Sufficient cause having been shown therefore, it is ordered that pending the hearing of this motion, the respondents and all other persons, known or unknown, acting in their behalf or in concert with them in any manner or by any means, are hereby enjoined and restrained from: executing and implementing the approval of the Board of Trustees of the State University of New York by acting to close Long Island College Hospital, including any communication with the Department of Health in furtherance of the application submitted or to submit any such application to close Long Island College Hospital.”

    If you see any SUNY official or hospital administrator try to divert patients, cancel procedures, or cut patient care, please report the incident right away to your NYSNA delegate or rep.

    We are stepping up the pressure on all fronts: building community alliances, reaching out to elected officials, and caring for our patients every day.

    We will use this order to stop the people who are out to close our hospital. But we won’t rely on the courts alone.

    If SUNY doesn’t want LICH anymore, we want to allow LICH to find another partner to take it off SUNY’s hands – one that is more stable and can manage more competently than SUNY has.

    We Need YOUR help to pressure the Governor and Department of Health Commissioner and let them know that this community needs its full-service hospital. Contact info is at

    Together we are going to keep LICH open for good.