Inside The Islamic Connection Hoax to Brooklyn Bridge Flag Prank Your Facebook and Twitter Friends Fell For

July 25, 2014

So your Tea Party Facebook friends are doing a lap and high fiving each other right now over this “news item”:

The National Report: Sheldon Wayne Thomas is a New York firefighter stationed in Brooklyn’s 68th precinct. He accompanied officers Tuesday because of his experience as a climber, helping them traverse the cables to reach the flagpoles 277 feet above the ground.
“What NYPD Commissioner William Bratton failed to mention during the recent press conference–and what I believe the American people deserve to know–is that evidence found at the scene point to Islamic involvement.”

It’s not true, it’s satire as the National Report is a humor site. Of course simple logic would alert you to the fact that:

A) The 68th Precinct does not cover the area of the Brooklyn Bridge, it’s the 84th Precinct.
B) Firefighters are part of Engine or Ladder Companies in NYC, not precincts.

Not only that, using a simple tool we’ve discovered called “Google” reveals that Fox News has been duped by this site in the past as has Arizona Governor Jan Brewer.

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  • Jazz

    Can’t wait for conservatives to make this report all Obama’s fault. Idiots.

    • t

      this may not be Obamas fault but the decline in real income, looking weak to our enemies including Russia and lukewarm support for Israel, he is on the hook for.

      • Simon

        Lol – when will you be on tour with Fluffy?

  • Angel

    I don’t know. think it is weird we had all these hoaxes in a week, and then the Brooklyn Bridge and no one is fessing up to it. I do think there is a connection between Islam and other groups that hate us and these pranks as a warning. I am still buying extra water, peanut butter, and can food just in case something does happen. Although I will pray it doesn’t. This is not funny, these are federal crimes and why did the Fire Fighter lie or did he not know or did he know and lie like the Building 7 on 9/11 thing?

    • Jazz


  • Hope

    I agree angel. I think it is weird we had hoaxes and then little to no elaboration from the media on The Brooklyn Bridge and Mount Rushmore, San Franscico Bridge, and The Lincoln and Washington Memorial and no one says a thing. Keep an eye open, sorry the computer deleted your “I”.